About Me

The world around us is beautiful. I simply try to capture that beauty through my lens. My journey as a photographer began when I clicked a picture on my mobile phone of a broken TV on the street, years back in Chennai. Never in my wildest dream did I think that it would be that one click that would make me who I am today – a photographer. Though it only started as a hobby, my journey through the years with my lens and all those great moments I witnessed helped me open up my perspective, in a more wider sense.

I have explored many frames from that one click in the streets of Chennai. Ofcourse, many more frames to be discovered. I do photography in a variety of areas, ranging from fashion, life style, travel, events to still life, portraits, landscapes. I love experimenting with my lens to create the best image I have imagined in my mind.

I have found photography as the most exciting and challenging aspect of my life. It is that one aspect which has enthralled me the most. Each photograph has taught me something new and I have been learning more with each shutter I click. Each of my photograph is dear to me and I always believe my best is yet to come.